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Visiting Hours

Mon- Sat :
12 noon to 8 pm

Sunday : 
By Prior Appointment

Clinic Address

D-2/42, Pandit Vishnu Dutt Marg,
Block D2, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058

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Welcome to Skinisma Aesthetics

Skinisma Aesthetics is a luxury skincare unit of Tomar Medical Center, designed to offer a peaceful, relaxing environment, catering to all dermatological needs by providing services in the field of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology, Anti-Ageing, Hair fall, Dermatosurgeries, Body Shaping & Weight Management with the latest US- FDA approved medical technologies and techniques, provided by a certified dermatologist along with a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses & healthcare professionals.

Being a part of TMC, it is supported by the whole medical faculty of TMC including physicians, and surgeons, providing emergency facilities 24×7. Our Centre is located in the heart of South-West Delhi at Janakpuri D Block, providing easy access to all the patients from various parts of the city.

Dr. Sweety Darall Tomar, Certified Dermatologist, and Co-Founder is especially renowned for her clinical skills along with her belief in a holistic approach to skincare; going beyond the immediate concern of her patient to understand and treat the person as a whole, providing a healthy and nutritious life to the skin. She also offers her own exclusive combination treatments to tackle difficult issues.

While Skinisma Aesthetics was her dream but it could not be turned to reality without the support of family especially her husband, Dr. Saurabh Tomar, co-founder at Skinisma Aesthetics. His constant support, medical advice and vision pushed the whole team to work harder, leading to accomplish this along with many other goals.

Being a specialist in his field, Dr Saurabh Tomar (MBBS, MD in Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine) has been working persistently in ICU treating COVID-19 patients all throughout this pandemic.

While Dr Sweety is the face of the clinic; Dr. Saurabh works as the backbone of the Centre, offering valuable guidance and suggestions in all the medical research and helps to provide the best possible treatment for all the patients.

Here, at Skinisma Aesthetics, our mission is to positively transform lives through our high quality specialized medical care and treatments.

Give your skin a little love


Anti-ageing Treatments

With time, our skin also starts to age. It is visible through signs like rough skin texture, dull and uneven skin tone, visible pores, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume.

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Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction by US-FDA certified high quality, dual cooling, fast delivery method, done by health care professionals under the guidance of a dermatologist ensuring correct Laser Therapy customised to one’s skin and hair problems, giving perfect results to the patients.

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Hair Fall Treatments

Hair loss refers to abrupt falling or thinning of hair from your scalp that ultimately affects your hair volume and shows the pattern of future baldness. It is a very common problem that generally affects both males and females.

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Human skin color is determined by the concentration of a pigment present in the skin known as melanin. Sometimes, skin starts producing more melanin, which causes spots or patches that are darker than the surrounding skin.

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Why Choose Us ?

  • We believe in our motto of “Treating the root cause, not the surface”.
  • We have one of the best certified Consultant Dermatologists of New Delhi, Dr. Sweety who is extremely passionate about Aesthetic and Cosmetic treatments along with Clinical Acumen.
  • We focus not only on the surface of your skin but being a dermatologist, we first examine, assess, evaluate and then diagnose the root cause followed by quality treatment and care to the patient.
  • We have introduced the latest and state of the art techniques for the very first time in New Delhi.


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